• Are you a global or a small/middle size company planning to setup a strong distribution network in Korea?
  • Would you like to be much more successful than simply exporting your products and services through trustful distributor and business partner in Korea?
  • Would you like to achieve steady growth with long term business objectives while building brand power at key sales channels in Korea?
  • Would you like to offer the same quality services to your customers at home without directly establishing a branch company in Korea?
  • Are you looking for reliable trade representatives or front/back office in Korea able to fully support you in executing your business activities in Korea?

While exploring new markets it is very important to actually be there.
Deciding for financially limited ways of distribution will definitely be of advantage when starting business or launching new products on a market or strengthening existing business position, as there are always a lot of risks.

From the very first day of
our Engagement

Your company will be excellently represented by our manager or team of experts depending on your requirements or requested service level in Korea.
Our knowledge about market structure, requirements and processes in wholesale and retail channel, Horeca channel, B2B industries provides numerous new starting points.

We make use of this know-how particularly when newly developing / revamping distribution,
adjusting the brand portfolio / category management in consumer goods business channel, food service channel, and various B2B markets.