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Why you need us?

Why you need us?

Why you need us?

We are based in Korea.

For our international clients (manufacturer or supplier), the distributors are mainly wholesalers.
And in the process of developing your business in Korea :

You face the first challenge - It is not easy for international companies outside Korea to find qualified distributor in Korea market. Finding good distributor(s) is the key to getting your goods out to your consumers in a quick and timely order.

Your second challenge relying on distributors to sell your products in Korea is maintaining the integrity of your corporate brand promise across multiple relationships and channels. Your brand value can get scrambled or lost in a system that includes multiple tiers between a distributor and a consumer.

You third challenge -- attracting, recruiting, and retaining strong talent. But again, it's an even bigger problem for you because you don't have direct control over the distributors that represent your products or services. You also have limited ability to ensure that top performers are assigned to your accounts and that these distributors are properly managed.

Considering above points, a non-qualified distributor or a poorly managed distributor will normally fail to deliver the sales and profits expected. To ensure the relationship works it is imperative that your local representative constantly manage the distributor. We therefore offer a comprehensive and strong distributor management service. It is our role to keep your distributors motivated and focused on your corporate strategy and application.

We are professionals in developing and executing strategic marketing and sales plans for short term and long term business growth.

Would you like:

  • New distributors developed in Korea?
  • Your distributors strongly managed in Korea?
  • Your corporate business or brand strategy successfully developed and executed in Korea?
  • Your key sales channels successfully managed in Korea?
  • A senior manager troubleshooting on your behalf in Korea?
  • Customer service role to sales enquires in Korea?
  • Sustainable business growth in Korea?
  • Attendance at business meetings in Korea?

For International companies wanting to have an inexpensive business presence in Korea,......all at a fixed monthly cost :

We play your representative office role for your business development in Korea market.

As your front & back office, we develop and execute your strategic business plan, and keep close contact with your distributors and customers in Korea market.

One or more employees will be responsible for your business in Korea.

We establish important contacts to launch your new business or grow your existing business, and help your future business activities in Korea market.

You will be able to keep your expenses low with high ROI in developing your business in Korea market.