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Finding new distributor(s)

It is not easy for international companies outside Korea to find proper distributors in Korea market. Finding good distributor(s) is the key to getting your goods out to your consumers in a quick and timely order.

Korea market can be a very challenging marketplace to investigate, and without local knowledge and assistance, finding prospective distributors or buyers is a very difficult task.

We offer different levels of business matchmaking services that will help you locate potential business partners in Korea. Our staff will work with you to maximize your search, through a combination of international experience and knowledge of the local marketplace.

We have a very strong distribution network in nationwide area by industry and product category.

Drawing on our extensive resources and unique network of industry contacts, our “Distributor Finding Service” is a cost effective solution designed to help you find the most suitable business partner with established links in Korea market.

  • Research into the relevant market sector and range of companies already active and an assessment of the sector's potential.
  • Identification of potential business partners (distributor candidates) based on suitability, e.g. existing client base and supply-chain links, resources, sector positioning and profile in market place.
  • Exchange of contact details and arrangement of introductory meetings as necessary between our client and distributor candidate.

We provide our clients with the distributor finding service depending on the nature of the products or business contents and the relevant sectors.