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Revamping existing distributorship/
distribution network

1) Distribution Assessment

Our distribution assessment involves a combination of internal and external evaluation on your current distributors’ market activities.

Key services include:

  • Evaluate your existing distributors and audit the effectiveness of your current distribution system & processes.

    Analyze what is working and not working in distribution mechanism, supply value chain, retail channel management, logistics, manpower, investment for future business, financial status, and inventory management, of your distributor.
  • Analyze competitor’s distribution system to identify areas of advantage/disadvantage.
  • Identify alternative strategies to create competitive differentiation/advantage.

2) Distribution Network Design & Solution

An optimized distribution network & best distributorship maximize business volume while reducing costs. Supply chain network optimization is intelligently designed to increase business turnover and minimize costs by providing the customer with the right goods, in the right quantity, at the right place, and at right time.

Our distribution network design services and supply chain network optimization strategies will have clear solutions in following issues:

  • How many distributors should you have? Exclusive or more?
  • Where should they be located? By brand or by sales channel or by product category or by region?
  • What could be each distributor’s responsible role by sales channel / product category / region?
  • What should be the configuration/role/strategy of each distributor?
  • How will each distributor be replenished?
  • How should shipments be scheduled and core assortments be managed?
  • What should the service levels be by supply layer?

Then, determine how to build the most effective distributorship and distribution network to generate maximum sales volume having long term growth objectives.

Finally revamp and strengthen the distributorship and the distribution network/supply chain by re-organizing the current distribution system.

Not only do we suggest the most effective distribution network/distributorship, as a full-service consulting and integration firm, we actually build it for you in Korea market in compliance with your growth strategy.