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Development and execution of strategic marketing & sales plan

As your representative office in Korea, we develop and execute a successful marketing & sales strategy for your sustainable business growth.
We collaborate with you to set and align strategic business objectives, plan how to achieve them, and manage the execution of the plans in order to meet stated goals.
We employ flexible frameworks, methodologies, and toolsets that are easily customized to your needs.

Our main steps in the development and execution of your strategic business plan are:

  • Conducting competitive market survey for the industry and product category.
  • Identifying target market and executing market segmentation.
  • Functional audit for your current business ability in Korea market.
  • Evaluating the business environment for possible risks and opportunities
  • Setting business objectives.
  • Establishing goals that quantify objectives and time-frames.
  • Forecasting market conditions that affect goals and objectives.
  • Development of successful strategies and action plans to accomplish goals.
  • Implementation and execution of the strategic plan.