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Holding Trade show

In case you want to hold a trade show for your business promotion in Korea, we make the detailed plan on how to open the booth and manage the show to attract target customers until end point. We also suggest the necessary trade show that our client needs to join for the business promotion.

Choosing to produce your custom event

A custom event can be anything from a shop opening to an art exhibition. You can host product demonstrations in a hotel suite or hold seminars in a meeting room. You can devise a road-show or hold an open house at your premises. We help you create an event that exactly matches your needs and the needs of your target market.

Planning your own event

Producing your own event isn't easy and requires forward planning. It's vital to decide what you want to achieve and who you want to attend. We will set your realistic objectives co-working with you and set a budget - costs can quickly escalate.

Managing the event

The logistical challenges of running an event are considerable. You have to find the right venue and organize catering if necessary. Other important issues are signage, seating, audio visual facilities, lighting, display stands and promotional literature. We will manage all the necessary procedures and facilities to produce a successful event.

On the day, you need to be visible and make time to meet and greet. People often come to these events specifically to make contact with the person behind the product or service so you need to ensure you speak to all the key guests. If necessary, our staffs will directly manage this in compliance with your guideline.