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5 Year business plan – Corporate strategy

We develop your 5 year business strategy by identifying the areas of activity and target markets to be focused on.
We define growth drivers and viable competitive advantages through feasibility assessment and effective implementation planning.
In a competitive environment,strategic planning is a key requirement to develop from an opportunity into a sustainable business.
We work together with you to construct a portfolio strategy and to succeed in this challenging environment while creating value to your shareholders.

Successful long term business planning requires concentrated time and effort in a systematic approach that involves:
assessing the present situation; anticipating future profitability and market conditions; determining objectives and goals; outlining a course of action; and analyzing the financial implications of these actions.

Our long term business plan for you is often classified by the business function. Main common functional plans are:

  • 1. Sales and marketing: for developing new products and services, and for devising marketing plans to sell in the present and in the future.
  • 2. Production: for producing the desired product and services within the plan period.
  • 3. Financial: for meeting the financing needs and providing for capital expenditures.
  • 4. Personnel: for organizing and training human resources.

Long term business planning is more than simply forecasting future events and activities. Planning is a rigorous, formal, intellectual, and standardized process. Planning is a dynamic, complex decision-making process where management evaluates its ability to manipulate controllable factors and to respond to uncontrollable factors in an environment of uncertainty.